Cellarology-Grapes-SVGWe are sticklers for organization.


We are sticklers for organization.

Our Cataloging and Organizing


At Cellarology we are experts at organizing collections from 500 bottles to over 20,000 so that our clients know what they have, where it is and most importantly when to drink it.

Cataloging hundreds or thousands of bottles is an arduous task.


As a wine collector you obviously know a lot about wine, but cataloging a cellar full of wine takes more than just wine knowledge. At Cellarology we are not only wine experts but “wine organizing” experts and can quickly and efficiently work our way through any size wine cellar to make sure every bottle is accounted for and cataloged correctly.

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You gotta know exactly where each and every bottle is.

A big part of our organizational process is discretely labeling the racks with simple codes (A1, Bin 5, etc.) and that information is then put into CellarTracker so our clients can easily find whatever bottle they are looking for. We also organize the cellar by the wine itself starting with Type (red, white, sparkling, etc.) and then we break it down by Country, Region, Varietal and Producer.