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CellarTracker  is the leading cellar management tool with hundreds of thousands of collectors tracking more than 60 million bottles. CellarTracker has also grown to become the largest database of community tasting notes with more than 5 million such notes as of late 2015. Every year many millions of wine enthusiasts come to the site to read reviews and garner wine recommendations.




Design Build ConsultantsAfter receiving his degree in Architecture and passing the industry boards, Evan Goldenberg worked for a larger architectural firm for 7 years. Gaining experience but not feeling professionally challenged, he founded Design Build Consultants in 1990. From that time to today, Evan’s focus has made him the premier, if not the only, licensed architect who devotes his practice to the art of custom wine cellars.

Many of the cellars you see on the pages of my website are Evan’s creations.