Storage Facilitation

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Temperature Controlled Storage


Sometimes collectors simply run out of room or they need to temporarily store their wine because of a move. Cellarology will come to your home and catalog all of your wine, find a reputable, temperature controlled wine storage facility, box up your collection for safe transport and even drive the collection to the facility.


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Moving of any sort is an arduous task.

Moving a wine cellar complicates matters even further.


Cellarology makes moving your collection to a new cellar pain free. We’ll get the boxes, catalog everything and box it up safely for transport. We’ll arrange for refrigerated transport (or drive it ourselves) to your new home and ensure it arrives safely and securely. Once in the new cellar we’ll unbox everything and organize it so you know what you have, where it is and most importantly, when to drink it.

If for any reason you have to store all or part of your collection…

We understand.


Cellarology will box it up and arrange for transportation to a reputable, temperature controlled wine storage facility. Even the wines in storage will be cataloged in CellarTracker so that you can keep a virtual eye on them at all times.